Oh, sh1t: “Bag of Bones” (I am seriously torn between watching this and ABC Family’s new X-mas vehicle “The 12 Dates of Christmas” #notevenlying)

Mick Garris’s mini-series adaptation of the wonderful, glorious, romantic and gothically strange haunted house novel “Bag of Bones” premiers tonight on A&E. It’s starring Pierce Brosnan, whose 1995 self is my ideal man (see: Goldeneye).

Anyway, “Bag of Bones” will air in two parts, one tonight and one tomorrow, A&E at 9pm est. That means that if you live in the SoCal like me, it’s on at 6. That’s in like, one hour. I’m going to watch it when I should be grading finals. I’ll let you know what I think later or tomorrow or Tuesday when I’ve seen the whole thing.

I remember once I read somewhere about how Stephen King wanted to write a “grown-up haunted house story.” Or a “grown-up ghost story.” Anyway, that’s what this is. I’ve always loved King, but I think that his work got particularly cerebral and even a little bit idyllic circa the late nineties. It’s definitely more surreal. It often feels blue in color, whatever that means. Cold. Quiet. Sad. Blue.

“Bag of Bones” was written before the whole hit-by-a-van thing, but it’s got the same kind of blurry romanticism as some of his books written after, like “Lisey’s Story” (his alternate-universe-with-beautiful-deadly-flowers book) or “Duma Key” (his deformed-sad-man-moves-to-the-beach-and-starts-painting-magical-seascapes book). Books written right around the time of “Bag of Bones” are “Hearts in Atlantis” and “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon,” both more thematically and emotionally complicated than King’s requisite horror fare, which includes human-eating dogs (“Cujo”), killer clown ghosts (“IT”), and ??aliens?? (“The Tommyknockers,” “Dreamcatcher,” “?”). Kings more recent affairs actually feel a lot like his earliest, only better, with heavy emotional, family-linked tolls reminiscent of “Carrie” or “The Shining.” If you like King or you like the idea of a grown-up ghost story with a haunted house and some very serious, cold-blooded family and town conspiracy drama, you’ll like “Bag of Bones.” So read it or watch it. I guess. Or don’t! Whatever!



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2 Responses to Oh, sh1t: “Bag of Bones” (I am seriously torn between watching this and ABC Family’s new X-mas vehicle “The 12 Dates of Christmas” #notevenlying)

  1. daddywarbucks says:

    For the professors in the crowd, first half of the Bag of Bones series grades a C. Can’t figure out how the writers are going to pull the last 700 pages together.

    • Hey, Sugar. says:

      Yeah, wow. I was disappointed. Pierce is a good Mike Noonan, but the girl who plays Matty is too old and too pretty, and the story-telling is terrible. I honestly don’t know how you’d get anything out of it if you haven’t read the book. It’s all just these random, expected spooky visions and dreams and phantom music and bell-ringing and Pierce looking confused but also handsome. It’s like, Mick Garris is no great shakes at directing, but King seems to like him. He keeps him around. Garris did the Shining remake on TV several years ago, and I remember King saying he liked Garris’s TV version better than Kubrick’s. What? Garris has no style! I remember Bag of Bones being just FULL of atmosphere. But Garris’s adaptation is so far very inert.

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