Pretty: Springerle Cookies

Totally baking these this Christmas.

photo from (#thanx)


from the Wall Street Journal (#thanx)

Thanks to Mom for finding them. I would like, never open up the Wall Street Journal. These days, all we do over here at the Cowboy/Cowgirl True Love ranch is talk about conspiracy theories having to do with the financial crisis, and we watch political documentaries and invent vast narratives of government secrecy and the Cigarette Smoking Man. Also, Steve Jobs is there. I mean, this is not all we do, but  we are quite imaginative and usually we cannot help ourselves. TMI.

Anyway: These are called Springerles, (or, some of them are also Marzipan) and Springerles are made sort of like a regular cookie only there are these long periods of refrigeration, and they’re fragranced with anise oil. This, to me, is fancy, and I’m excited, because I’ve never baked with anything so fancy as anise oil. I think the fanciest thing I’ve ever baked with to date is actually like, a vanilla bean. (boring.)

So we’re going to have them Christmas morning with coffee. Back in Wisconsin where I am from. It’s going to be SO joyful. So much merry-making! We’re going to eat them all and are not going to save any for you! So I looked these cookies up and there actually a kind of biscuit. It’s a kind of German biscuit. Haha. Maybe since it is a sort of biscuit we will flavor a couple with like, beef stock or something for the dog:


Yes that is our real dog. Yes, he is that cute. Woof Woof Woof!

xoxo: T


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One Response to Pretty: Springerle Cookies

  1. So. I like your dog. I also like your Springerles. And, your blog.

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