When we climbed on giant rocks.

In December, we went to Joshua Tree for a little retreat thinger with other fiction writers at UC-Irvine. Joshua Tree is, more or less, a national park located in a great big wilderness place in the Mojave Desert. We went into this national park and we climbed on giant rocks. The whole time we were looking for mountain goats and tarantulas, but it was wet and chilly, and so there were none. There were only giant, ancient rocks. Some of the rocks looked like faces or other body parts. Most of them just looked like rocks. It was exciting but also ironic and abandoned and a little apocalyptic, as this was supposed to be an adventure in the desert, but it rained on and off all day. As you can sort of see, when you’re up on these rocks, all you can see are more rocks. We felt very much like the last people on earth.

This is what we looked like when we climbed on the giant rocks.


I need help.

Girls running

boyfriend gazing down at giant rock butt crack(s)

I bet there are skulls in there.


We're a cute couple, especially on the giant rocks.

Mysterious lurker. Just kidding. That's Aaron.

Eugenie, assessing.

Weird mist? The rocks were a little haunted.

Us again, just smiling on rocks.


This is a SHORT POST. lol

Thanks, John Kim, for taking these pictures!




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One Response to When we climbed on giant rocks.

  1. daddywarbucks says:

    Did you notice the ancient stick drawings on the tall rocks in the background?

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