Wanna hear Solas do a poem and sing? Well, here you go. This song – The Swamp – is performed by Gareth David Lloyd (Solas’ voice actor) via his band Blue Gillespie. Enjoy

now accepting headcanons about Solas singing. 

Creators…this is Solas waking up from Uthenera after the fall of the Empire and seeing the fate of the elves. That is what this is.

I am literally speechless right now…

modern!Solas doing slam poetry tho

I always feel super embarrassed clicking on things like this… I don’t know why, I think it’s because the whole feels listening to this guy’s voice outside the game feels so… so… awkwardly intimate… and it overwhelms me.

but trust me, this is amazing stuff and also fits into a headcanon of Solas’s thoughts upon waking up.

Does Gareth David Lloyd even get how much we all just love and picture him as a bald-smoldering-apostate-elf-slash-trickster-god? Is that a reality he understands?


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