The Dead Season: an ongoing playist


Playlist for my Solavellan fiction The Dead Season.

Link to Spotify Playlist.

Note: Music is a very important part of my writing process. All of these songs have unveiled themselves to me organically, and their sounds and meanings and stories and aesthetics, and sometimes even their titles, have played large roles in the writing of Sene and Solas and their friends, as well as their murky, changing world as it unfolds, piece by piece.

I tend to get on jags with certain artists, so what you’ll find here is a lot of Regina Spektor and Neko Case, some Ben Folds, Oasis, Fiona Apple, and lots of others. Song list under the cut, along with brief notes and lyric excerpts, per each song’s significance (to me). The order is aesthetic and has no bearing on the narrative:

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writer of fictions, mild midwesterner, girl power, happy.
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