Favorite by Neko Case, A song for Sene and Mythal.

@wrenbee Oh my, do I know this song. I just forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder. Her catalog is so huge. This is SO PERFECT. It feels perfectly split, thematically, between the POVs of Mythal and Sene, past and present (I was your favorite/I am your favorite), as they sort of both love Solas proudly and yet, at times, lament their love for him, as he’s such a massive presence in their lives, unmistakable. If his father was the architect, Solas is the inventor. He’s invented both Mythal and Sene, to some extent.

This is like, deeply relevant to themes in Chapter 41, which brings up a lot of parallels between Sene and Mythal. I just published that chapter like ten minutes ago. This is totally on The Dead Season playlist, btw, and on repeat as we speak. Thank you again. And I LOVE that you love Neko. Her music is just so powerful. I’m so glad to have shared it with you. ❤

@thevikingwoman, this analysis possibly relevant to your interests.


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