Interested in joining us for a week-long celebration of fic writers? Fic Writers Week runs from November 26th to December 2nd!

The goal of Fic Writers Week is to share the love for all of the wonderful writers in all of our fandoms. That means we’ll be highlighting the work they’ve already shared with us and encouraging writers to share the parts of their work they’re most proud of!


  • Day 1: Words Of Validation – Fic Readers, take some time to leave new comments / Fic Writers, share some of the comments that stuck with you the most.
  • Day 2: The Muses – Fan art? Edits? Playlists? Draw some inspiration from the fics you love and share some new content with the fandom!
  • Day 3: Small But Mighty – Shine a spotlight on the new/underrated fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 4: The Devil’s In The Details – Highlight small details you loved in the fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 5: Verbatim – Share some of your favorite quotes from the fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 6: Unsung Heroes – A day to give shout outs to the writers/readers you love.
  • Day 7: Spread the Word – Fic Readers, time to rec some fics. Give us a list! / Fic Writers, time to brag about some of your favorite works. Time for some self-recs!

Visit our prompt page for more details on each day’s theme.

Rules // FAQ 

Follow this blog and track #ficwritersweek for updates!


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