Dhaveira “Halla” Lethanavir Lavellan

Excerpt from a coded message:
      …It has been difficult to avoid detection with the Inquisition disbanded. The bulk of the inhabitants of Skyhold were sent home immediately after she returned with her advisors from Halamshiral. I have only managed to keep my position here due to my long association with Leliana, who frequents the castle and continues to work as spymaster despite her role as Divine Victoria.
       As to your specific query about the former Inquisitor, she seems to be in good health and is nearly always in the company of her closest friends and advisors. My contact with her during your year at her side was sparse, but she seems to be a good deal more serious and somber than she was in those days. She sometimes leaves the gates with her bow and disappears into the mountains – I have attempted to follow her on more than one occasion, but she slips into the trees and leaves no tracks for me to follow.
       The last thing that may be of interest to you, sir, is that Madame de Fer arrived at Skyhold last month with a court artist and tailor from Orlais, and soon afterwards there was a portrait of Lavellan drying in the great hall. It was then taken to Halamshiral to hang in the ballroom, on the orders, I suspect, of Ambassador Briala – a reminder to the court that an elf was the spearhead of the force that saved Thedas.
       I have included an impression of the portrait for you. I know you keep the truth of your association with her hidden from your forces, but I was with you at Skyhold. Perhaps this is overstepping; if so, I apologize.
       Dareth shiral, my lord.

Portrait by @lavilsa – click for full resolution.


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