I walk the Din’anshiral. I would not have you see what I become.

(oh look another walk cycle gee)

Trespasser Gifsets x x x x

A romanced Lavellan, unlike any other Inquisitor, has the opportunity to offer to join in on Solas’s quest and assist him. It comes up when he professes the awful consequences of his plan, and he denies her out right because he knows that she will share his fate that way. We don’t really know what the ending of that journey means exactly, though both Solas’s insistence on not dragging her into anything he’s doing as well as his reluctance to trust her with what he’s kept from her (his true identity first and foremost) doesn’t really make his denial surprising. Besides, denying her gives her the opportunity to prove to him that he need not fulfill what he believes he must, which he makes clear that that is truly what he wants: to be convinced that he’s on the wrong path.

He seeks redemption, even if he doesn’t believe that he is worthy of it. How could I deny him that?

Solas Gifset Masterpost


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