I low key headcanon that Vivienne sees herself and Bastion’s
relationship in the Inquisitor if he (specifically a rogue) romances
Dorian, since Bastion was a rogue and she is a mage. If you listen to
the one conversation between her and Dorian, it does seem she is at
least…protective of the two’s relationship.

I actually saw the same thing with my rogue Lavellan/Solas romance. She does seem protective. Like even though she finds Solas insufferable, Vivienne is, in her protected, practical heart, a romantic, and she is one of the only companions who openly asks about and acknowledges the Inquisitor’s relationship with Solas, both during the regular campaign and during Trespasser.

I find that when she sends us off for the heart of a snowy Wivern, that is the most underutilized opportunity for characterization in the entire game. I wish Vivienne would have at least needed to come with to collect the heart, so we could have seen her in a moment of both recklessness in the face of losing her lover but also the vulnerability that comes with such a deeply personal quest.

Like the Solas romance, I find that Vivienne does not get enough content in DA:I. I liken her character to Morrigan in my mind. She is easy to dislike, but if you take a moment to consider the evidence, and go deeper than her tone or her immediate reactions, you’ll see she’s actually a compassionate character who cares about the protagonist a great deal.


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