My Camera lens has unfortunately kicked the bucket and the replacement is quite expensive. I haven’t been able to work on any cosplay photography or any other youtube projects I’d like to w/o my camera! Reblogs are appreciated!

Three spots at a time, just send me a message!
1. Knjyasu
2. Empty
3. Empty 

Group A                                                  

A 35$ simple line art + color          

A2 – 40$ Fully rendered 

Group B

B – 60$ waist up simple line art +  Color w/ simple bg

Group C

C – 70$ Fully Rendered waist up w/ simple bg 

Group D

D – 80$ Fully rendered waist up couple w/ simple bg  

Group E

E – 80$ simple line art + color thigh up couple w/ simple bg 


About Hey, Sugar.

writer of fictions, mild midwesterner, girl power, happy.
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