For some reason during my first playthrough, I saw Blackwall as short. Like taller than a dwarf but shorter than a human (elf size maybe)? So I just figured he was like half dwarf half human (idk if that’s a thing in DA). But anyways, I just assumed this until my third playthrough when I found out he’s actually ‘average’. But I like to think he’s a shorter guy still 🙂 

Confession: because of @galadrieljones I now see all the men of Dragon Age Inquisition as tall.

Except Varric, but he is tall for a dwarf.

Ha! I will take that credit. 

Confession: I read Blackwall in-game as on the shorter side as well. Or, certainly not tall. I think I write him as about 5′10″ in TDS (he mentions once that he’s the same height as Sene), and he’s definitely the shortest of the Inquisition bros. In Unsigned, however, I’ve ramped him up to huge, probably because his character is more menacing. He’s as big as Solas, who I sort of will always headcanon as about 6′3″-6′4″. I have so many Blackwalls lol. ❤


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