Avatar Creator

tagged by @thevikingwoman to create my OCs using this new avatar creator.  Thanks!! This is so fun and like v. addicting??

Row 1: I made two versions of Sene Lavellan. The first one is Grumpy Sene, when she has to be fancy and intense and do Inquisition stuff. The second is Nature Sene, outside, free, and in the wild.

Row 2: I also made Ghilan’nain and Mythal.

I’ll tag @tel-abelas-mofo @wrenbee @ladylike-foxes @ladydracarysao3 @kaoruyogi @buttsonthebeach @dreadhobo @mindtrove @smuttine @solverne and anyone who’d like to do this!! Highly recommend.

Y’all should give this avatar maker a try if you liked that one!

It says elven portrait maker, but I used it to make a variety of Dragon Age Ocs. Have fun!

Ah can’t wait to try it!! @thevikingwoman


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