The year is coming to a close (I still have two and half hours to go), so I am wrapping up my holiday fanfic celebration. With this year being one of my most productive writing years, along with hitting 100 published fanfics, this was my way of celebrating and giving back to you for sharing your content, as well as to my followers/mutuals for their comments, reblogs, kudos and support. I’ve read so many wonderful and thought-provoking fanfics and enjoyed so much beautiful and inventive art this year, it’s been an absolute joy. 

It’s been a pleasure working with so many fantastic and diverse OCs. Thank you so much to everyone who let me play in their fictional sandboxes this month. You keep me inspired with your talent and creativity!

There are so many more people I wish I could have written something for, but ran out of time. Hopefully there will be time in the near future to write some more for you all, as I still have many people to thank!

Here’s the masterlist of my fanfic gifts:

  1. When a Light Goes Out for @louminx [Indess Tabris x Zevran | Drama/Angst]
  2. Candlelight for @thevikingwoman [Iwyn Lavellan x Solas | Romance | NSFW]
  3. Rogue Duel for @long-liv-prairies [Sybil Trevelyan, Marin Hawke | Drama/Action]
  4. Bad Hair Day for @ladylike-foxes [Halesta Lavellan x Solas | Romance/Fluff]
  5. Reverie for @nelmdraws [Thalia Hawke x Fenris | Romance/Fluff]
  6. The Stars in Her Wake for @star–nymph [Eurydice Lavellan x Cullen | Romance/Fluff/Angst]
  7. Stark Truths for @ladydracarysao3 [Marian Hawke x Anders | Romance/Angst]
  8. A Breath of Summer for @galadrieljones [Sene Lavellan x Solas | Romance/Fluff]
  9. Blessed for @kagetsukai [Mahanon Lavellan x Josephine | Romance/Fluff]
  10. Dragon, Dragon for @hansaera [Athelas Lavellan, Cassandra | Humour/Genfic]
  11. Catalyst for @fleshwerks [Spiridon Lavellan x Kaarin Adaar | Drama]  

All fics can also be found here on A03.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all good and creative vibes for 2018. 

This is the coolest thing ever. Thank you, Idrelle! Happy new year! ❤️❤️❤️


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writer of fictions, mild midwesterner, girl power, happy.
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