Whenever my toddler sings “The Farmer in the Dell,” during the verse where it goes “the farmer takes a wife…the farmer takes a wife,” he can’t really pronounce the “w” sound right on the first try so it sounds like he’s singing “the farmer takes a life…the farmer takes a life…hi ho the dario the farmer takes a life” and singing cheerily about the rural horror of a murderous farmer who lives down in the dell and it’s hilarious.

My kid always gets the verses to Farmer in the Dell mixed up. So it end up “The Cheese takes a wife,” and I’m like “…Alistair?”

I’m crying. LOL. My kid does the same thing! And with the pronunciation of “wife” as “life.” So sometimes it’s like: “The cheese takes a life…the cheese takes a life…” and I’m like MURDEROUS CHEESE BE GONE WITH YOU


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writer of fictions, mild midwesterner, girl power, happy.
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