Inquisitor Revasan Lavellan

ie: if Sene Lavellan’s hot,
psychotic dad had been at the Conclave instead of her. Highly probable,
in fact. Revasan is 38, the heir to the Lavellan Clan, and First to
Keeper Deshanna Lavellan, his biological uncle. He is 6′2,” highly
intelligent, and well-versed with the sword. His pastimes include
chain-smoking, bourbon, walking the corn fields at night, decrypting
ancient elvhen texts, diving ruins in his younger years, running the
family business, and pissing off his daughter. His wife’s name is Rasha.
He loves her more than the sun is bright. OC Post!

THE ROAD SO FAR with Revasan:

1. L o L – Storming the Rift.

Roderick: On your head be the consequences, Seeker!

Revasan: [laughs, polishing his sword] Who the fuck is this ponce? Nice hat. Are
you serious?

2. Old Friends! – Finally back at Haven.

Revasan: Varric! Old boy. How the fuck are you?

Varric: Revasan Lavellan. I should ask you the same. Does
your Keeper approve of your extended detention down here in Human Land?

[laughs] Probably not. Then again, having a Lavellan at the top of some
new fucked up religious organization in the south can’t possibly be bad
for business.
Anyway, this shit is weird. Where the fuck are the drugs?

Varric: [sighs]

3. Yikes. – First Night in Haven.

Varric: [at the tavern] Do you have any idea who this
guy is, Cassandra?

Cassandra: The elf? Of course not….why?

Varric: That is the heir to the richest clan of Dalish elves
this civilization has ever seen.

Cassandra: Rich Dalish elves?

Varric: He’s the smartest elf in Thedas, but a fucking
psychopath. I hear he used to dive ruins for kicks. He’s probably killed more demons
than all of us combined.

Cassandra: [concerned, watching Revasan from across the
bar—he’s terribly handsome, and lighting his bourbon on fire to
impress the soldiers] Well then, let us hope he comes in handy.

4. First Meeting with Solas – Next Day, in Haven.

Solas: [does Fade poetry]

Revasan: [lights a joint] My gods. You’re a fucking
psychopath, just like me. Do go on.

5. Fffffffff – Same Conversation, still in Haven.

Solas: When I dream in such places, I go deep into the Fade.
I can find memories no other living being has ever seen.

Revasan: [smoking, incredulous] A Dreamer? Are you fucking
shitting me?

Solas: I am not.

Revasan: What the fuck are you, an ancient elf?

Solas: [sweats] Do not be silly.

6. Do you even ruin-dive, bro? – Same Conversation, still in Haven.

Revasan: You take naps in ancient ruins?

Solas: On occasion. I do set wards. And I’ve learned that if
you leave out food for the giant spiders, they are usually content to live and
let live.

Revasan: Giant spiders? What about giant demons?

Solas: Excuse me?

Revasan: I’ve taken naps in ancient ruins, too, my friend,
and I’ve been woken up by a lot worse than some fucking arachnids. Usually it
would be my brother, drunk on absinthe and hallucinating. But sometimes, it was
demons. Fucking disgusting abominations if you ask me.

Solas: [w t f ?] Well then.

7. Well, shit. – War Room Introductions.

Josie: The Chantry has denounced the Inquisition—and you,

Revasan: [laughs] Fuck the Chantry.

Cullen: Excuse me?

Revasan: You heard me.

Cullen: Last time I heard someone say that, things got

Revasan: [produces a joint from his pocket] Yes, well, hold onto your frilly
fucking coat, Commander Cullen, because they’re about to get a whole lot weirder. Now, does anybody have a light?

And scene (for now). This is a legit playthrough that I am enjoying immensely. I’ll hopefully update this as I go lol.



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