I went into all three games knowing absolutely nothing about them,
and I believe that part of the reason I loved them so much was that
I was allowed to form my opinion before I would have been influenced
by others. So now, while part of me hungers for information, I find
myself not wanting to know anything about DA4. I don’t want
expectations. I don’t want teasers or discussions that could color
my initial perception of the game. All I want is a release date and
a price, please.

Yeah. Same. I’ll not be following the promotional material beyond what ends up on my dashboard (and it won’t be a lot because I don’t follow that many people). I went into Inquisition despite having played the previous two games without knowing anything about it or its characters because I wasn’t following the promotion, and I really like it, and I know I would have not enjoyed DA:I as much if I’d been hyped up by promo material.

So I want to be surprised again.



About Hey, Sugar.

writer of fictions, mild midwesterner, girl power, happy.
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