My name is Tarah. I am a fiction writer, composition lecturer at UC-Irvine, and occasional blogger (here). I am originally from Wisconsin, but I live in Orange County now where I write and teach, and where I got my MFA in Fiction from UCI in 2011. UCI and its people are very near and dear to my heart. I will promote them shamelessly any time I get the chance.

I’ve had a great many blogs over the years, and so I’ve been writing about and preoccupied with pop culture, movies, and television for a long time. While my current primary focus (in like, life) is writing and publishing stories, I come here whenever I have something big to say about the world, and it usually has something to do with entertainment, pop culture, and almost always women. I would call myself a Feminist, but that word gets thrown around pretty loosely these days, so I’ll just let it go for now. Anyway, when you come here, expect to read overly long (though I feel, pretty readable) pieces about storytelling, bad writing (or good writing), the nature of masculinity and femininity, and how these things relate to like, the internet, Skyrim, Harry Potter, Buffy, and The Vampire Diaries. I have no focus and no schedule, but I also have no agenda. I ‘d like having you around. An audience is always nice.

In other news: I love to bake. Like, really love. Fruit pies and pastries are my specialty, though I also like making tarts and cream pies, and I’ll do cookies, too–I just prefer a pastry. Rarely will I bake a cake. Never a cupcake (ew). I very much like the American West, and so I live here. Sort of. I visit the more rustic parts when I can (like that summer we spent in Montana). My husband is also a writer and a handsome devil who I won’t mention too much.

I am obsessed with the WB. I am a WB purist, which means I will always call the network the WB/CW and never just the CW, because lame. I have recently recovered from a terrible bout of Bieber Fever and and begun to wear a lot of black. This has nothing to do with anything. My favorite show right now is probably The Vampire Diaries, or The Sopranos, or Supernatural. I also love Gilmore Girls and Buffy and Harry Potter and will reference them often. Thank you so much for reading!

Me at Disneyland:

I’m not sad. I’m just empathizing with this lonely seaman.