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Rewriting Rory Gilmore: Basically Fan Fiction

“You have a Rory box?” Yes. I have a Rory box. A Rory box full of all the dumb things Rory’s done in Gilmore Girls. This is my ode to the writing of Gilmore Girls, which, on an episode-by-episode basis … Continue reading

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Bad Writing: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Freeloading Witch Crowd

This is a sort-of-quick (well, it felt quick) essay with an overly-specific audience, and hopefully the first of three or four (though probably not–my foll0w-through sucks), looking at CHARACTER ARCS THAT DON’T MAKE SENSE in some of my favorite TV … Continue reading

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Chivalry is Undead: Bad Boy/Nice Guy Dichotomies in The Vampire Diaries or, What Does Elena Want?

WARNING: VAMPIRE DIARIES SPOILERS AHEAD Or else just another overly-long post about vampires, young women, and modern-day masculinity. Your call. With this week’s revelation (or alleged revelation–there’s no proof yet) that newly-vampired Elena Gilbert of The Vampire Diaries is, indeed … Continue reading

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TV Analysis: Narrative, the Importance of Happiness

This is an overly long blog post about storytelling, television, and the role narrative plays in our lives. At some point, it branches off and becomes about The Vampire Diaries. Since I come to this blog when I have something … Continue reading

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The Speculative: It is the best kind of writing.

Speculative is a word used to describe any kind of character-driven fiction that employs a science fiction or fantastical element as backdrop, or even just a piece of its setting. It is an interstitial genre, and difficult to place. Girls … Continue reading

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MY TV HEROES: Chick Edition, Pt. I

These girls teach me to be strong. A strong WOMAN. Because being strong is not a man’s trait, and what’s so wrong with being a girl, anyway? 1. BUFFY SUMMERS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Buffy is perhaps a little more … Continue reading

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Oh, sh1t: “Bag of Bones” (I am seriously torn between watching this and ABC Family’s new X-mas vehicle “The 12 Dates of Christmas” #notevenlying)

Mick Garris’s mini-series adaptation of the wonderful, glorious, romantic and gothically strange haunted house novel “Bag of Bones” premiers tonight on A&E. It’s starring Pierce Brosnan, whose 1995 self is my ideal man (see: Goldeneye). Anyway, “Bag of Bones” will … Continue reading

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